Post-event content – “nice to have” or madness to overlook?

Easy wins don’t come often in business and many companies miss out on maximising their long-term return on events and conferences. 

Budgets for flagship conferences run to tens and often hundreds of thousands of pounds. Even smaller seminars come with chunky price tags. So how do you go get the best return on that investment? 

The number of attendees, the quality of speakers and the depth of knowledge shared at the event all feature highly in the value metrics used. So too does the amount of column inches and broadcast minutes secured from attending journalists. 

All these metrics are important to quantify the immediate impact of an event. But they miss one of the main points of holding it in the first place, which is to share commercial insight, technical knowledge and new learning that can be used in the long-term. 

Event shelf life 

You can create longevity for your event by commissioning professionals to write summaries of the presentations and capture all the business-critical information discussed. This immediately gives you a bank of original content, which you can use to engage with attendees, customers, and potential clients. 

Events and conferences offer the perfect opportunity to generate unique material, aligned to your company’s area of expertise and focused on your customers’ needs. 

You can also drip feed it to a wider audience in the weeks and months afterwards.  From social media posts and online blogs, to advance marketing for future events, commissioning unique content will increase an event’s shelf-life by months. 

Better return on conference budget 

Yes, budgets are tight and arranging venues, hiring speakers and getting bums on seats is a primary focus for marketing teams. But having original content from the conference gives you the ammunition needed to create a long-lasting afterburn from the day. 

It demonstrates that you value the subject matter covered and proves your commitment to making the information widely and readily accessible. It also returns a higher, longer-lasting return on your up-front investment.