Pizza, chips and skiing...

I just got home after a skiing holiday and for the last week I’ve been listening to instructors shouting ‘pizza’ or ‘chips’ at their young students. They weren’t asking for lunch orders. They were teaching them to ski. 

It sounds strange, I know, but on the command ‘pizza’, everyone in the s-line behind the instructor would go into a snowplough. The v-shaped snowplough looks like a wedge of pizza and hence the link. 

Once it was time to straighten their skis and let them run, the instructor would shout ‘chips’ and everyone would bring their skis parallel to one another, like a couple of French fries sitting side-by-side on a plate.  

It takes seconds for the instructors to explain what they mean by ‘pizza’ and ‘chips’. Pupils from different countries, who don’t speak the same language, all understand immediately and can picture very clearly what they’ve got to do. 

Skiing is a pretty complicated sport and it’s not easy to master or teach. But the instructors have found a way of communicating the most important nuggets of information in a way that is very graphic, incredibly simple and universally understood. 

And it got me thinking. How often do companies, when hosting conferences, make sure they capture, in simple terms, the most important insights from their expert speakers? 

Yes, delegates are free to take their own notes, but wouldn’t professionally written summaries encapsulate the most important takeaways in a more concise and accessible way? 

At events with multiple speakers and presentations, it’s easy for the key themes and the most important points to get lost. But if that happens, then delegates don’t get the best value out of the event. In fact, no-one does. 

As a conference host, commissioning professionally written summaries of each session will make sure the valuable learning and actionable insights don’t get diluted. 

Creating concise post conference content lets hosts re-connect with their delegates after the event has finished. It gives delegates greater value from the event and provides actionable takeaways to use in their own companies. It also creates original content that hosts can use for their own social media and marketing purposes. 

The more companies can take a ‘pizza’ and ‘chips’ approach to post conference content, the more value they’ll generate both for themselves and their delegates.