Conference. Content. Crafted.

Confscribe is a content production service which provides specialist, high-value, original output so you and your clients get the maximum value out of your event.

Our professional writers take the pressure off your marketing and PR teams, producing content that covers all the key note speeches, presentations and panel discussions.  We also craft real time social media posts live from the floor which can be sent by us directly or by your executive team to a mixture of conference delegates, employees and external media agencies. 


Confscribe is an associate of the Scottish Tourism Alliance having covered its flagship annual conference. A digital magazine from the event is available here

Why use Confscribe?

Our experienced, tried and tested writers generate great content quickly. Our writers have written for national broadsheet and tabloid titles. They have edited and contributed to B2C and B2B publications. They have ghostwritten articles for some of the UK’s biggest brands, and drafted the messaging used by start-ups to launch their businesses.

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How it works…

You tell us about your conference, explaining your strategic goals and associated campaigns.

We will agree with you exactly what outputs you want from your conference, taking into account your brand's style, tone and key messaging. We will discuss what sessions to cover and explore just how you want the written content to look and feel.

We will then provide a seasoned writer to attend your conference. Sitting in on the various sessions, we will initially produce social media posts. Online posts give your event immediate profile and let you set the agenda for industry discussions. It is a great way to get your CEO and/or company trending and raise their profile as a thought leader.

Once your conference closes, our writer will produce the session summaries, detailing all the market trends and expert insights.

We will deliver this quickly and to deadline, so you can immediately put it to use as part of your post-conference marketing strategy. This lets you extend your event’s after-glow, reaffirm your connection to attending delegates and highlight why others should attend in the future.